Sunday 31 December 2006

Happy New Year

This is the start of my new blog... My "Joined Up Thinking" blog (available at is more of a work-related blog. It is a record of my views on corporate life and Identity and Access Management in particular.

This blog (the "Bootlegger's Musings") is a personal record of the strange and wonderful things that happen to me and those around me. This is NOT a diary! I will not record things like
  • I got up
  • I went to work
  • I filled in a timesheet
  • I came home to find the house a mess and the kids in grumpy form
  • etc.
I expect there will be a posting at least once a month and no doubt my initial enthusiasm may mean that there are a number of posts to kick this thing off.

I don't expect anyone to read this blog... I do expect that I will be the only reader and will look back on events with some fondness. If I ever become famous and am required to write a biography, this could come in handy.

If you (my dear reader) are not me and have merely stumbled across this blog by accident, then I do apologise for the dullness of the content.

Anyway... it's the last day of 2006 so the blog may as well start by saying "Happy New Year". It's been a great Christmas and here's hoping for a great 2007.