Thursday 19 March 2009

Society's Scum

Sometimes, the people around me sicken me. Sometimes it's enough to make me want to cry.

I've just found out that just two doors away from where I live there lives a family that may not be the most honest.

Mr. & Mrs. Dishonest are joined by four or five dishonest children and why do I say all this? Well, Mr. & Mrs. Dishonest don't work yet live in a house which is costing them about £500 a month in rent (and each room seems to have a 50in television in it). They holiday 3/4 times a year and they own a couple of cars.

How do they manage this when neither of them work?

Well, Mr. Dishonest seems to own a home somewhere. He claims that he has separated from his wife so she is claiming single mother's benefit. He claims redundancy, invalidity and goodness knows what else. Some of their "children" have left school already - but they don't work.

It seems that they get almost £1,000 a week in benefits!

That's tax-payers' money that is! That's my taxes going to them and what benefit do I get from it? I don't even feel good that my money is helping the under-privileged in my community because it is going to cheats!

This family have only recently moved in. Before them, lived another set of seemingly dishonest people. The "man" of the household refused to accept a full-time position in Tesco because it would have a severe impact on his state benefits.

How little pride must someone have to behave like that?

Is there a place in the world where I can bring up my family without the influence of "criminals" in my community because as far as I am concerned, these dishonest families are nothing more than that - criminals!