Monday 14 November 2011

Coping With Depression

Unfortunately, it's tragic consequences in recent days that bring depression to mind.

Personally, I believe that we are only given one gift - the gift of life. It's magical. Wonderful. Tremendous. Miraculous, if you like. Life is precious and I can't think of any circumstance that would make me question whether it was worth continuing on.

Not everyone feels that way, unfortunately.

It seems to me that those that are suffering have something in common. They lack a feeling of self-worth.

Me? I think I'm great. I'm probably not, to be fair. But that shan't stop me from thinking it. Those I know who are suffering from depression certainly do not think they are great. Far from it. Gandhi once said "a man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes." In short, those with a low sense of self-worth will ultimately become worthless just as those that think they are great are destined for better things.

But when someone loses their self-worth, what can be done to show them the light. This week, I've learnt that some people are potentially beyond help. Certainly the tragedy I've experienced recently would've been difficult to avoid. But there has got to be a way.

For me... I see joy all around me. I just have to look at the stars in the sky and I feel privileged. I look at what man has achieved and feel great satisfaction (despite our flaws as a race). And I look at my daughters and think to myself that life is truly wondrous.

So how do we instil that sense of joy in those who are suffering? I'd dearly love to know before I have to endure another tragedy.