Monday 26 March 2007

More Airport Madness

What is it about me and airports?

Maybe it is a symptom of the fact that I spend too much of my time milling around airports waiting to head off to some "over-subscribed" meeting with a bunch of people who like the sound of their own voice?


I've seen couples having arguments in the past and it is mainly unpleasant to witness. While standing in the check-in queue at Rome's Leonardo Da Vinci Airport last week, a couple were having a right go at each other right behind me. The language was colourful to say the least - the entire range of swear words was being used in almost every sentence.

Some unsavoury gesture was made, however. At least, I can only presume that some physical movement prompted the next statement from the "wife":

"Don't headbutt me, please don't headbutt me in the middle of this airport"

I don't do domestics... at least, I don't do other people's domestics! But I was truly horrified at what I had heard that night.

People never cease to disappoint.