Monday 25 October 2010

Social Hi-Jacking

I like social networking. At least... I used to like social networking. Facebook has turned into a means of declaring how "wonderful" we all are. I don't mind people telling me about their achievements but what really gets me annoyed are the statements about how their son or daughter is the most special person on Earth. THEY ARE NOT!!!! In fact, I resent the fact that these people think that their precious little Johnny and Jenny are SO much more important than my off-springs.

I want to hear about my friends; I want to hear about their children. But I don't want them to tell me about how their special little boy or girl is just the best little person on the entire planet. It's delusional. It's upsetting. It makes me want to "de-friend" you. After all, when you say... "my little child is the best child in the whole world".... you are actually telling me that my little child is in some way INFERIOR. Aren't you? How DARE you?

Tonight... I read the drivel that my so-called friends felt I needed to be made aware of and was disgusted. I sat and wrote the following status update, then didn't bother to post it. I feel ashamed at failing to tell these people that they should have a re-think about how they behave online. But, I didn't want to offend; I want to keep my friend numbers up? Why? Because I figured if I did do it, it would upset these people too much. I car about them and don't want them to feel hurt. But I still need a means of offloading my feelings on this subject.

"Dear friends.... I already think highly enough of you to have you in some way associated with me. I don't need you to re-inforce this by telling my how fantastic you are and how your offspring have managed to acquire unimaginable talents. In fact, your self-congratulation (and the unworthy praise you heap upon your FABULOUS children) is having a negative impact on how I feel about you. Please give it a rest... Your kids are only special TO YOU!!!!"
Thankfully... there's no chance of the "easily offended" finding this blog. They are, after all, Facebook through and through!

Social networking can be a very important tool in the future... but please, let's not abuse it!