Tuesday 10 October 2023

Inktober 2023 - FORTUNE

FORTUNE - 10th October

The shark is beaten

The cards care not for courage

Fortune favours whom?

Monday 9 October 2023

Inktober 2023 - BOUNCE

BOUNCE - 9th October

The bulls are those who buy, buy, buy.

Pushing stock prices so they can sell high.

The bears think prices can go no higher.

Anxiously they seek a willing buyer.

Market prices ebb and flow

Sometimes they fall; sometimes they grow.

There's room for all to make a buck,

But bull or bear? It's just pure luck.

Unless the charts show a clear downtrend

With an upward blip - the beginning of the end?

But the mini-revival is time to announce

The sucker's rally, or "dead cat bounce".

Just a correction, prices continue to fall.

The dead cat revivalists have lost it all.

Sunday 8 October 2023

Inktober 2023 - TOAD

TOAD - 8th October

Mr Toad, don't cross the road

You're so much safer here

This place is good, there's so much food.

There's nothing here to fear.

Mr Toad, don't cross the road.

There's danger if you do.

Birds of prey, night and day.

Nowhere to hide for you.

Mr Toad, don't cross the road

You need to keep yourself wet.

But over there, there is nowhere

To have a dip, I bet.

Mr Toad, don't cross the road

I don't want you to go.

Cos if you flit, I have to admit

That I would miss you so.

Saturday 7 October 2023

Inktober 2023 - DRIP

DRIP -  7th Ocrober

A single drip goes unnoticed. The splash imperceptible.

Another, five seconds later - just about detectable.

A rhythm is created, when five seconds later

Another drip is headed to the beginnings of a crater.

A fourth and fifth and sixth appear with regularity

Seven, eight, nine and ten build familiarity.

Double figure drippage, it's difficult to ignore

One starts to wish the tap would generate no more.

Drip, drip, drip - the pain it starts to grow

As all senses focus on the water's disrupted flow.

The torture is incessant, please make it stop.

There's no way I can take, the sound of another drop.

Friday 6 October 2023

Inktober 2023 - GOLDEN

GOLDEN -  6th October

The Golden Child is full of promise - destined for success.

They drift along effortlessly - never any stress.

Everything they do, every decision that they take,

Enhances the perception that they never make mistakes.

No matter what they're doing, whether work or whether play,

They're always on the winning team, every single day.

The opposite of golden? A miserable life to lead.

Self-loathing woe-is-me - suffering guaranteed.

Victims all the time. No agency to correct

A life of doom-and-gloom, to one which is perfect.

The question we should ask, what we'd all like to know

If success begets success, might the opposite be so?

Thursday 5 October 2023

Inktober 2023 - MAP

MAP - 5th October 2023

Maps can be political

Borders revised continual

Sometimes they are nautical

Helps one sail their way to Portugal

Forecasters show us climactical

They also add the audible

There's also the topological

Cartography made allegorical

Some are topographical

Presentations of the physical

Consider the seismological

Quakes recorded historical

Projected stereographical

Or even orthographical

Printed maps are portable

But Google Maps? The oracle!

Wednesday 4 October 2023

Inktober 2023 - DODGE

DODGE - 4th October 2023

The heavies bear the brunt of the pushing and shoving

The tight five is complete with those that love jumping

The loose forward trio make an artform of tackling

They love nothing more than a turnover from jackling.

Scrum-half and fly-half dictate operations

The good looking poster boys of The Six Nations

Twelve and Thirteen are the ball carrying positions

Bulldozing opponents with no inhibitions.

The wingers and full-back are there to score tries

Raw speed propels them to the goal-line prize.

The heavies are desperate to give them a smashing.

But their twinkle-toes help them dodge any bashing.

Dodging this way and that, from left to right

They put on the gas, and sprint out of sight.

No cuts or bruises. No sign of blood.

Clean shirts and shorts, both free of mud.

The squad is made up of those who work hard,

Those who dictate, and those who stand guard.

These tasks, for some, are nugatory.

They appear from nowhere, to take all the glory.