Thursday 1 October 2009

New Suit Impact

I have waddled into the office each day this week only to find that I immediately begin sweating furiously. I know it is a weight related issue but it is strange to note that I was fine during the walk but gushing when I got into the office. I reckon the temperature difference between outside and inside is to blame!

At least, I used to think that. Last night, I bought a new suit. It has that new suit look, that new suit smell and feels pretty good to wear. I waddled into the office (11 minutes, as usual) and felt that I was looking pretty good. And guess what? No gushing when I got in.

Could it be that the new suit made me feel more comfortable and more of a "cool dude" and psychologically it ensured that I wouldn't have the physiological response that I was starting to become used to?

(BTW - there was a very nice new shirt involved too!)