Wednesday 18 April 2007

Flying Experiences...

I fly a lot - on average, every other week.

I've flown a helicopter - actually taken control of the machine, which was great. I've flown as co-pilot in little 4-seater Cessnas which was a terrific experience. But I have had some dodgy flights:
  • Flap failure, 2 failed attempts to land at Belfast City Airport and an emergency landing at Aldergrove. FlyBE - Q400 Dash 8.
  • Engine failure, 55 minute flight to Glasgow over the countryside rather than built-up areas. Greeted by 4 fire engines at the end of the runway. FlyBE - Q400 Dash 8.
  • Aborted landing at Belfast City Airport - pilot was too high just before touch-down and was about to "over-shoot". I knew we were too high as the B&Q sign at the warehouse just before the runway as it was normally 50 feet below the plane but this time it was about 150 feet below. FlyBE - Q400 Dash 8.

Poor FlyBE... I actually like them and their staff.

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