Wednesday 23 March 2011

Suit Wear And Tear

Suits? I wear them then I tear them. In fact, I'm prolific at the latter.

Suit 1: Five weeks ago, I tore the seam on my trousers running from the pocket down to the knee as I was getting into a car. I don't know how.

Suit 2: Three weeks ago, I tore the arm of my jacket while defending myself against a window with violent tendencies.

Suit 3: This week, I tore the seam on my trousers running from the pocket for about 2 inches when I put my mobile phone into the aforementioned pocket.

I had gone many years without tearing a suit. Admittedly, my suits only tend to last a maximum of six months before my girthy thighs take their toll on my trousers. But this new wave of destruction is proving to be quite disconcerting.

At any one point, I normally have three or four suits available for use and most of them have a couple of trousers available. By the time I get home from my travels this week, I believe I will have one complete suits without a tear in sight. I suspect this means shopping but if there is one thing that drives me nuts, it is shopping for suits!

Why can't our suit suppliers/manufacturers make a suit that actually last and what can I do to stop the perishing of my trousers due to "thigh rubbage"?

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