Tuesday 3 October 2023

Inktober 2023 - PATH

PATH - 3rd October 2023

It's safe to shy away,

To blend into the background.

Close those curtains and doors.

Never to be found.

They're out to get you!

That's their intention.

And then you think

"I'm not worthy of attention"

When bad things happen

(They invariably do)

There's a consistent root cause.

It's always you.

You did it wrong.

You are to blame.

It's all your fault.

Always the same.

You love a catastrophe?

But it just causes stress.

Yet you go out of your way

To create mess after mess.

Your world is built

On a foundation of doom.

Your default position

Is to ramp up the gloom.

Do you hate yourself and think

"Everyone else does too?"

Because their lives are filled

With thoughts unconnected to you.

The well trodden path

Leads you into the dark.

But somehow, that you find comfort there.

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