Wednesday 4 October 2023

Inktober 2023 - DODGE

DODGE - 4th October 2023

The heavies bear the brunt of the pushing and shoving

The tight five is complete with those that love jumping

The loose forward trio make an artform of tackling

They love nothing more than a turnover from jackling.

Scrum-half and fly-half dictate operations

The good looking poster boys of The Six Nations

Twelve and Thirteen are the ball carrying positions

Bulldozing opponents with no inhibitions.

The wingers and full-back are there to score tries

Raw speed propels them to the goal-line prize.

The heavies are desperate to give them a smashing.

But their twinkle-toes help them dodge any bashing.

Dodging this way and that, from left to right

They put on the gas, and sprint out of sight.

No cuts or bruises. No sign of blood.

Clean shirts and shorts, both free of mud.

The squad is made up of those who work hard,

Those who dictate, and those who stand guard.

These tasks, for some, are nugatory.

They appear from nowhere, to take all the glory.

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