Wednesday 10 June 2009

I Hate Mice

A number of years ago, I came home from a 2 week holiday to find mouse droppings all over my living room floor. A trap was set and a mouse was caught. The trap was reset and another mouse was caught. Thirteen mice were murdered in the space of a week but the house was clean.

Three years ago, we had another mouse come into the house - it didn't last long.

This week, that all too familiar "scratching" sound could be heard as I was busying myself on my computer. A turned around to find a mouse come out of my fireplace, stand on the hearth looking at me (with a look of a disdain, I thought) and then scurry back into the fireplace.


Trap set, mouse murdered. Chilli flavoured dark chocolate seemed to entice the wee fella to meet his maker. I say 'fella' and 'his' but I could be wrong!

Trap is reset (just in case) and bang - another mouse murdered. This is serious now. Multiple mice suggests a family! And one of the rooms in the house that is virtually disused is showing the distinctive signs - some droppings, some gnawings.

I know it is probably my fault. The hot days encourage us to leave the back-door open all day and I reckon they "wander" in to the house to see what they can see. Should I just accept that it is an "occupational hazard" or should I buy a cat?

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