Monday 22 June 2009

It's All About Timing

The 7am flight from Belfast to Birmingham takes approximately 40 minutes according to the pilot yet I didn't get off the plane until 8:05. That means we spent 25 minutes taxiing on the ground or he was telling lies. Either way, an 8:05 arrival doesn't give me enough time to catch the 8:14 train to Oxford.

You see, it takes 5 minutes for the bags arrive. (My bag was first off the carousel) and it takes precisely 5 minutes to hoof my aging body to the air-rail link. It takes another 5 minutes to sort out my ticket and get to the platform.

To catch the 8:14 train to Oxford, I need my plane to be connected to the covered walkway well before 8:00. In fact, I need my flight time to be as per the pilot's announcement.

So I've missed my train today! I have to wait an hour for the 9:14 again. I've had 4 attempts at this journey and only have a 50% hit rate on making the 8:14.

On the plus side... it gives me a great excuse to start my week in grumpy form. Guess I'll just spend the next 40 minutes people watching and engaging in that most inquisitive of activities: bluetooth device name discovery!

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