Thursday 10 August 2017

My Plan B

Nobody reads this blog or this section of my website so I can write and say whatever I want here without fear.


With that in mind...

I often have discussions with friends, family and colleagues about careers and I always say that a Plan B is not necessarily a bad idea. But I'm very aware that I don't actually have a Plan B at all.

My Plan B is often verbalised as "dry-stone walling in the highlands of Scotland" which sounds rather energetic though the abandoning of technology is appealing at times.

Thinking about a Plan B a little more seriously results in silly ideas like:

  • becoming a "proper" author (maybe by writing up my memoirs in exaggerated form)
  • becoming a male escort (of the legitimate kind, of course)
  • winning the lottery or putting everything on the 2:15 at Kempton Park

The male escort idea is easily the more doable and more likely to generate revenue of the above ideas, but even that doesn't sound like a long term solution to any kind of notion of having a career change!

They say that "necessity is the mother of invention". I guess the reason my Plan B ideas are terrible is because necessity hasn't forced me to think seriously about it. But with nearly 30 years behind me doing this IT thing, I can't help thinking that maybe, just maybe, the time is coming to do something COMPLETELY different.

Ideas welcome - though nobody reads this so that is a note to self!

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